Julie Locke

Dax Locke

This is Dax!

His mom is Julie, his dad is Austin. His parents  live in Washington, IL. Dax was born June 26, 2007.  One day after his first birthday he was admitted to  the hospital  from what the doctors thought was a virus.  Three hospitals later Dax was air lifted to St. Jude Hospital in Memphis, TN.
There he was diagnosed with the rare AML M7 leukemia.
Several attempts were taken to save his life but his little body couldn’t beat the disease. Mid October, Dax was sent home to “Cherish Every Moment” with his family. One thing that made Dax smile were Christmas lights but the family was told he would not make it to his next Christmas.

One Last Christmas

Julie and Austin decided to celebrate one last Christmas with Dax. Austin put up the tree and decorated the house with lights. Soon the neighborhood, then the entire town celebrated¬† Christmas in October. Dax’s story captured the hearts of people around the world!

Dax did see another Christmas and passed away December 30, 2009.

Julie and Austin Locke with their second child on the set of “The Heart of Christmas” tv special.

Since his story touched so many lives, Julie and Austin are using it to increase awareness of childhood cancer and started a foundation to raise money for St. Jude Research Hospital.

Singer/songwriter Matthew West wrote a song called One Last Christmas.  He donated all the money from that song to the Dax Locke Foundation.

This heartwarming story of love and hope resulted in a movie, The Heart of Christmas, which will be available in stores and online October 2012.

Website:  daxlocke.org




H РHeal  (21 min.)

Kleenex needed! Julie’s love and loss of her little Dax touches every heart.

O -  Overcome (5 min.)

In the midst of her grief, Julie asks the million dollar question. Visit Hope Notes for more insight following the interview.

P  РPurpose (7 min.)

The Locke’s are on a mission to raise $1.6 million for St. Jude Research Hospital. Julie shares ideas to spread HOPE to your community or school.

E  РEnjoy  (10 min.)

Dax’s story of One Last Christmas became a song written and sung by Matthew West. Then it became a movie touching millions of lives around the world!


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